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Policy And Procedures

Communications Director - Scope Of Responsibility

As Of November 2002


"The Communications Director is responsible for the active promotion of the Society to other groups and individuals and the internal and external communications of the organization. This position is responsible for publishing the Society's newsletter. This position will also be responsible for the upkeep of the Society's web site and all web resources including the Web Master and the Web Vendor will fall under the scope of this position."

Specific Duties:

  • Prepare a Communications Plan outlining proposed initiatives for the current year.
  • Meet monthly to proactively plan Communications Activities.
  • Produce and submit the four Apollo Outlooks ads for August, January, March/April, June issues.
  • Solicit sponsorship to help subsidize the Outlook ads.
  • Produce and distribute monthly paper updates to the Leagues from October - April (as not everyone receives email).
  • Utilize the current Apollo web site and do not create alternate web sites.
  • Manage and update the Apollo Telephone Information Line.
  • Utilize the current Apollo alias email and website addresses for all communications.

Board Meeting Requirements:

  • Report on activities based on the Communications Plan.
  • Provide copies of Communications produced.

Miscellaneous Duties:

  • Responds to all correspondence in a timely fashion.
  • Particpates in Apollo activities and social events as much as possible.
  • Utilizes the Apollo email alias communications.director
  • Other duties as agreed by the Board Of Directors.
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