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Policy And Procedures

Secretary - Scope Of Responsibility

As Of November 2002


  • "It shall be the duty of the Secretary to attend all meetings of the Society and Board of Directors, and to keep accurate minutes of same. The Secretary shall have charge of the seal of the Society, if any, which seal whenever used shall be authenticated by the signature of the Secretary and the President or in case of inability of either to act, by the Vice-President.
  • In the event of absence of the Secretary, the Secretary's duties shall be discharged by such Officer as may be appointed by the President or Board of Directors.
  • The Secretary shall have charge of all correspondence of the Society and be under direction of the President and the Board of Directors.
  • The Secretary shall keep a record of all members of the Society and their addresses, send all notices of the various meetings, and shall collect and receive the membership fees or assessments levied by the Society, such monies to be promptly turned over to the Treasurer to be deposited in a Chartered Bank or Trust Company as hereinafter required."

Specific Duties:

  • Publishes and distributes three Apollo newsletters per year. August, January, and May.
  • Produces and distributes a membership roster in October and includes updates in the January and May newsletters.
  • Ensures Apollo memberships are collected and turned into the organization by the League and Activity representatives.
  • Drafts and delivers/mails/emails any required correspondence on behalf of the organization.

Board Meeting Requirements:

  • Attends all AGM and Board of Directors meetings.
  • Ensures previous meeting minutes are completed and distributed to the Board Of Directors prior to the current months meeting.
  • Provides list of new members at each meeting.
  • Checks for mail and brings correspondence to each meeting.

Miscellaneous Duties:

  • Responds to all correspondence in a timely fashion.
  • Particpates in Apollo activities and social events as much as possible.
  • Utilizes the Apollo email alias secretary
  • Other duties as agreed by the Board Of Directors.
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