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Policy And Procedures

Western Cup Director - Scope Of Responsibility

As Of November 2002


"The Western Cup Director shall be responsible for the organization and promotion of the annual Western Cup Event including the Sports and Social Activities."

Specific Duties:

  • Forms the Western Cup Committee by October 1 of each term.
  • Organizes and chairs a minimum of bi-weekly Western Cup meetings from October until Western Cup.
  • Submits and obtains Board Of Directors approval for the Western Cup Budget.
  • Gets the President to sign and participate in negotiating all contracts negotiated on behalf of Apollo.
  • Responsible for the overall organization and financial accountability of any activity or event associated with Western Cup.

Board Meeting Requirements:

  • Attends all AGM and Board of Directors meetings.
  • Submits Western Cup Budget updates.
  • Submits Western Cup progress reports.

Miscellaneous Duties:

  • Responds to all correspondence in a timely fashion.
  • Particpates in Apollo activities and social events as much as possible.
  • Utilizes the Apollo email alias western.cup.director
  • Other duties as agreed by the Board Of Directors.
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