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This award is given to an individual at Apollo's Western Cup. It is done by a nomination process and considered by a committee.

The Jordan Rutherford Memorial Award has been established in memory of one of Apollos founding members.It is dedicated to a member who demonstrates the qualities that exemplify Apollos ideals, namely Sportsmanship, Involvement, Fellowship, Leadership, Commitment and overall citizenship.

  1. Sportsmanship
    Plays fairly winning at any cost is not acceptable. Expresses mutual respect for team mates and opponents alike regardless of skill level. Offers encouragement and support, both physical and spiritual.
  2. Involvement
    Involved in sports not only as a participant but as an organizer. Involved in community activities either directly or indirectly.
  3. Fellowship
    Friendship is based on who you are not what you are and encompasses all individuals be they gay men, lesbian women or gay positive. Recognizes and respects individual differences while lending extra support to those in need of special attention.
  4. Leadership
    Takes an active role in the organization of sports and other related Apollo activities. Shares knowledge and strives for consensus through open discussion. Makes decisions and stands behind them.
  5. Commitment
    Contributes personal time and effort to achieve the organizations goal. Personal points of view do not exclude participation in a group decision. Can be counted on to carry through on a commitment to the best of their ability and sometimes beyond.

Nomination Process

The person nominated must be:
1) A current Apollo member in good standing.
2) Nominated by two (2) members in good standing.
3) The nominee must sign the nomination.
4) Nomination must be in writing. Download form.
5) Nomination must be received by the committee 2 weeks prior to Apollo's Annual General Meeting.

Please contact the Awards Coordinator for Apollo, at awards for further details or to submit a nomination.

Download the nomination form.


Alain Boucher (1994), Ron Smith (1995), Andrew Chang (1996), Dick Cooper (1997), Rob Hudson (1998), Bryan Peffers (1999), David Freeman (2000), Bill Moore (2001), Todd Frisch (2002), Ellie Brewer (2003), Al Comadina (2004), Art Raaflaub (2005), Richard Denney (2006), Phil Ivers (2007), Kitt Chanthaboune (2010), Brad Bostock (2011), Corey Brown (2012)

About Jordan Rutherford

“Jordan Rutherford was a co-founder and an active participant in the Apollo Bowling league (now Rainbow Riders) and served on the Apollo board for many years. He was also active in volleyball, baseball, golfing and curling.

Jordan was a founding member of Project Pride - now Pride Calgary and received the Speaks Sebastian award recognizing his leadership and committment in the gay and lesbian community.

Jordan was a kind, fun loving man who enjoyed life. He had a natural ability for athletics and excelled at most sports. Jordan's enthusiasm for whatever he did was contagious - he was always willing to provide instruction or offer suggestions when needed and wanted. Jordan was competitive but tempered his competitiveness with a winning isn't everything attitude. He was strong, gentle, humorous and affectionate - honest but not hurtful -trustworthy.

At home, Jordan loved to entertain and was well accomplished in the kitchen. Jordan had an ability to make you feel special - for that and everything else that he was; he was much loved in return. We still miss him."

Rob Hudson, Jordan’s Partner & Apollo President ‘91/’92
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