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Friday Slow-Pitch

Last updated: June 19, 2012

Q's on First, Slowpitch begins Friday, June 1 at 7:00pm. Come on out to play or just cheer us on. We will be playing at the Renfrew Community Centre every Friday until August 31, 2012.

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Skills:All Levels
When:Fridays 7:00pm till 9:00pm
Dates: June 1 to August 31
Where:Renfrew Community Association (811 Radford Road NE)
Parking:Parking is available in the Community Association lot. We have been asked to refrain from parking on the surrounding streets.
Equipment:We are asking that players bring their own baseball gloves if they have one. Bats, balls and other equipment will be provided.


Drop-in Fee:$3 Apollo members
Note:Drop-In fees can only be paid in cash.
Apollo yearly membership*:$20


A couple of social will be planned for the season mid-season and season-end. More information will be posted, when the details are finalized.

Fun Awards

At the season-end social, awards will be given out for the following:
  • Most Home Runs for the Season
  • Best Attendance for the Season
  • The Diamond Princess (aka most sportsperson like)

Slow-Pitch Rules

In general, Friday Night Slow-Pitch will follow Slow-Pitch National rules for governing play. Below we have added some specific rules that largely focus on ensuring that we have safe play for everyone. But we must remember that our biggest rule is to ensure that everyone is having fun!!!
  1. Number of innings will be based upon time and light. In general, we will play for approximately a two hour period.
  2. Batters will be given seven pitches maximum. At the end of seven pitches they are either out or walked to the first base.
  3. When a batter makes a hit and runs for the first base, the batter shall drop the bat and not throw the bat.
  4. No bunting is allowed. Batter must hit the ball.
  5. To prevent collisions at first base, all runners will use the safety base at first base. In the event, there is no play at first base or the runner is progressing to second base, the first base player shall not stand over the base.
  6. Runners shall not lead off the base until the next batter has made contact with the ball.
  7. Fielding players are not stand on the baseline (aka the runners path), unless they are making a play.
  8. When running for home base, once you are past the commitment line, the runner must go to home and cannot return third.
  9. Runners going to home base must run behind home base and not touch it.

More Information

Check their Facebook Group page

Please contact TJ at wcdirector.

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